Payment terms

Please make yourself familiar with our terms of payment and confirm that you agree to be bound by them in the case of any business transaction between Pixelliant and the company you represent.

  1. This Terms and Conditions shall apply to all payments in respect of services, provided by Pixelliant Limited (Pixelliant) to its Clients and shall become binding for both Pixelliant and the Client (the Parties) upon their acceptance by the Client or upon signing of a Service agreement which refers to them, in both cases including electronically by e-mail or through the special form on Pixelliant’s website
  2. The amount of all fees and additional payments shall be negotiated between the Parties with the Service agreement, its Annexes and amendments, including electronically by e-mail.
  3. All fees and additional payments shall be deemed exclusive of VAT, except otherwise specifically agreed. All other state, local or public taxes are included.
  4. All fees shall be invoiced and paid in Bulgarian leva (BGN). In the event where any fees are agreed in different currency their amount shall be calculated using the exchange rates of Bulgarian National Bank on the day the invoice is issued.
  5. Pixelliant shall issue respective invoices for the fees in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and will send such invoices to an address, provided by the Client. The Client gives his consent that Pixelliant may issue electronic invoices and electronic notifications to invoices. Such invoices and notifications shall be deemed issued on the date on which Pixelliant or another person acting onPixelliant’s behalf makes the invoices or the notifications available so that they can be received by the Client. The Client confirms that he is familiar with the form of the invoices as required by the applicable law, including, but not limited to the fact that the signature of the author may be replaced with numeric or other identifier and that a company stamp is not required.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed in the Service agreement all fees for services, provided from Pixelliant shall be due as follows:
    1. all fixed monthly fees shall be due on the first day of the month in which the respective services will be provided;
    2. all fees, that depend on the duration of the provided services and are not covered under point i) above shall be due on the first day of the month following their provision;
    3. all project basis fees shall be due 50 % in advance before the start of the project and 50 % after its completion.
  7. All fees shall be payable within 10 (ten) days as of their due date via bank transfer to Pixelliant’s bank account.
  8. Any additional costs and expenditures incurred in performing the services shall be due in advance after their approval by the Client. Such costs and expenditure shall be payable immediately.
  9. The fees shall be considered to have been paid after Pixelliant’s bank account is credited with the respective amount.
  10. In the event of delay in payment or part of it the Client shall pay to Pixelliant liquidated damages in the amount of 0.2% (zero point two per cent) over the outstanding amount per each day of delay beyond its due date.
  11. If payment of any fees or any part thereof is overdue with more than 15 (fifteen) days Pixelliant may at its own discretion: a) suspend all services to that Client until such payment is made; and b) treat such as a material breach and terminate the agreement, provided that in such event Pixelliant shall be entitled to claim compensation for any damages that exceed the liquidated damages under clause 10 above.
  12. The Client agrees to notify Pixelliant within 5 days as of the due date if any amount of the fees is in dispute and for the grounds of such dispute, provided that he shall pay any undisputed amount in accordance with these payment terms. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that such dispute is not resolved until the end of the payment period under clause 7 above in both Parties mutual satisfaction the Client shall pay the disputed amount in accordance with these payment terms and Pixelliant shall pursue the payment of such fees in accordance with its normal debt collection procedures.
  13. Pixelliant reserves the right to increase a quoted fee in the event that the Client requests a variation to the work agreed, provided that such change shall apply only upon written (including by email) agreement between Pixelliant and the Client.
  14. All fees agreed by the Parties shall be subject to change if there are changes in the market conditions such as inflation, rise in the price of relevant resources, materials or services and other similar events, provided that such change shall apply only upon thirty (30) days written notice to the Client.

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